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SQ8 Micro Camera

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SQ8 micro camera is an advanced device which helps people to capture pictures with high quality. It’s a mini camera but it comes with lots of exceptional features and specifications. It’s now available in two different modes such as 1080P and 720P. The SQ8 micro camera is neatly suitable for many important occasions like interview, meeting, having lessons and others. We can easily hide it out because it’s too less is size. It has an IR night vision feature which is helps us to capture the images and record moments at night time too. It allows us to connect with computers and television so we can watch our images and videos on those devices. SQ8 micro camera is less in weight so we can carry this anywhere without any difficulties. It has an automatic record option, so people can record any moment without any hard efforts and it is an easy to use device.

The SQ8 micro camera is truly a high quality device so we can use it without any hard feelings. It’s now available in various online shopping stores so we can buy it easily. It supports T-flash card with memory of 64 GB so we can record and capture a lot of things in each and every day. Today SQ8 micro camera sales got increased quite comfortably all around the world because it satisfies all the customers. It’s a convenient device so users now give first preference to this device without any doubts. Everyone is now admiring about this camera’s features.